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The Jiva Certificate Course in Skills for Career Guidance. 


The Jiva Certificate Course in Skills for Career Guidance has been developed by expert career psychologists and is based on extensive research into the work orientations and responses to career choices of Indian young people. It has been successfully conducted for the last 10 years and has reached close to 250 individuals, in 27 batches. 

The course has won international endorsement for its validity, and has been adapted for use in a number of other countries.

Successful candidates receive a certificate and a license to practice the Jiva method of career guidance.  Interested candidates also have the option of obtaining a university accredited certificate. 


The course content comprises Conceptual Foundations and Core Skills.  Participants learn career guidance theory and concepts and receive intensive training in skills for career guidance focusing on mastery over the Jiva Kit

The course…

  • is an intensive, fully residential, eight-day course
  • is delivered in the workshop format
  • takes a competency based, learning outcomes approach to the process of teaching and learning.  

About 20% of the course covers theory and the rest is devoted to skill development and practice.

The training includes skills both for face-to-face as well as online delivery of the Jiva career guidance workshop.


Our training team comprises expert career psychologists and experienced practitioners.  We take a multipronged approach to training:

  • Face-to-face training methods include: * Lectures and Discussions * Demonstrations * Personalised Tutorials where necessary * Skills Practice * Role plays * Group Presentations * Assignments and Tests * Formative and Summative Feedback.
  • Skills practice with Students: Toward the end of the 8-day course  participants prepare and present a practice workshop to a group of grade 10 students. 
  • Field assignment: On completion of the course, participants are required to conduct an independent field assignment, under the supervision of a Jiva expert.  

The pictures provide an overview from earlier training programmes. 


  • All modules will be delivered in the blended learning format combining distance (online) learning with contact classes. The balance between the two would vary according to the module theme and intended learning outcomes.
  • The administrative hub of the courses will be the Promise Community College in Bangalore. 
  • Contact classes will be organised around a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 30 students per batch.
  • Contact classes will be held in the College premises or in other locations, as per the number of students in a given location.


The last few years have seen a significant increase in the demand for qualified career guidance professionals.  Jiva graduates find the following types of employment:

  • Educational Institutions: Schools and Colleges.
  • Counselling Centers.
  • Non-Governmental Organizations working with youth and young adults.
  • Employment and recruitment Centers.
  • Government departments (e.g., National Careers Service).
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Independent practice.

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