Connecting Life with Career

We are...

…a national and international network of psychologists, counsellors, social workers and teachers mentored by The Promise Foundation on skills for facilitating the potential realisation of adolescents, youth and their families. We have worked together for three decades to develop research driven applications to deliver professional services and build capacity for career counselling and livelihood planning in India and the developing world.

What is Jiva About?

The word Jiva means ‘life’ in most of the Indian languages. The Jiva programme is based on the premise that a healthy career is integrally connected to one’s life.

Contemporary economic development has dramatically altered earlier notions of work and career. The young person is presented today with a bewildering array of occupational possibilities.

Jiva is a guidance and counselling system that has been designed to support the career and livelihood planning needs of Indian young people through culturally relevant career counselling services.

Jiva interprets career into the Indian economic context, drawing from the roots of our culture to support the career development and livelihood planning of all contemporary Indian young people.


Our Reach

A Values Based Approach

Jiva interprets ancient Indian values through simple activities. Participants introspect and work out what career means to them from a lifelong perspective.

Career Development: A Ladder or a Spiral?
Green and Blue: Your Career and the Environment
The Jiva Tick Mark: Learning to Assess before you Accept.
The Changing and the Unchanged: Finding the Balance.

Multiple Potentials

Jiva moves beyond accepting academic marks as being the only indication of a person’s capabilities.  Jiva views the individual as a multidimensional being possessing a combination of intelligences. 

Jiva Career Discovery Workshops

Jiva workshops aim at helping students make rational career decisions and learn skills for life-long self-mediation of the labour market.   

The workshops follow the Jiva Career Discovery Path made up of four key elements: 

Understanding Myself

Discovering personal potentials through

  • Aptitude Tests
  • Interest Inventories
  • Guided Introspection
  • Hobbies
  • Accomplishments
  • Academic History

Understanding the World of Work

  • Skills to interrogate a career before choosing a career
  • Courses and Streams
  • New careers
  • Eligibilities 
  • Qualifications

Career Alternatives

  • Identifying 3 to 4 careers matched to one’s potentials
  • Making back up plans

Career Preparation

  • Matching preparation tasks with career alternatives
  • Identifying milestones
  •  Plotting educational and career paths for the next 4 to 5 years

Jiva Concepts

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