Workshop Process

Activity Based and Student Led

Jiva workshops are activity based.  Each Jiva activity is conducted through multiple steps as shown in the figure. They are designed to instill attitudes and skills for self-mediation.  Throughout the workshop students encounter the importance of taking responsibility for their decisions and actions.  The counsellor creates an environment for career discovery, but the activities are student-led.  Students engage with the topics in the Career Discovery Path through a wide variety of interesting activities including games, peer discussions, tests, inventories, group work and time for quiet introspection.  They record their learnings from each activity in their personal Jiva workbook.    

A Typical Jiva Workshop

The counsellor introduces the activity to the whole group. 

Students engage in discussions using various Jiva tools.  

Students can express their ideas in words, forms and shapes.

The counsellor facilitates and guides where needed. 

Students present their learnings to the rest of the group. 

The counsellor summarises the activity for the whole group. 

Learnings are consolidated in the Jiva Workbook

The counsellor introduces the next activity.