IJCLP, Volume 2, Issue 1,

April 2012.

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Volume 1, Issue 1, April 2012. 


1. Career Guidance and Livelihood Planning: Challenges and Opportunities. Sonali Nag, Gideon Arulmani, & Anuradha J. Bakshi.  

4.  Tips for Career Counsellors. IJCLP Associate Editors.


7.  Influences on Career Choices as Perceived by Youth in Mumbai. Anuradha J. Bakshi, Hetvi N. Gandhi, Riddhi Shah, & Kinjal Maru.  

19.  Empowerment of Women: Two Wings of a Bird. Radha Parikh.

28.  Needs and Needs Assessment in Career Guidance and Counselling: Lack of Scientific Exploration and Justification? Jolanta Kavale. 

36.  Creating Awareness among Students Aged 13-15 Years towards the Development of a Purpose in Life. Rachel Valles. 

44.  The Cultural Preparedness Approach to Working with Career Beliefs. Gideon Arulmani.


50.  First National Conference on Career and Livelihood Planning. Maribon Sangma. 

53. Conference Announcements.

54.  Information for Authors.