The Indian Journal of Career and Livelihood Planning (IJCLP) is published by the Indian Association of Career and Livelihood Planning (IACLP). The IJCLP is an entirely open access, electronic journal published once a year. It is peer reviewed by a panel of distinguished national and international scholars. It is circulated to all members of the Association as well as to a wide range of international career guidance agencies and institutions.  The IJCLP has an international readership of over 800 practitioners, researchers and policy makers. 

The IJCLP blends theoretical and academic papers with practical and application-oriented articles.


The concept of a career emerged from within a Western cultural environment that was characterised by individualism and nurtured by a work ethic that promoted freedom of choice.  While westernisation and industrialisation have influenced the culture of work, career development in Eastern contexts can progress in a manner quite different from the West. Career guidance has emerged as a strongly felt need in non-Western contexts. It must also be noted that the developing world has been poorly represented in the international guidance and counselling community.  There is an urgent need for models and methods of guidance and counselling that are relevant to the culture and economies of these countries.

The IJCLP carries papers that:

  • draw the wisdom and experiences of different cultures together to consider both universal and specific principles for guidance and counselling that are socially and economically relevant to the contemporary situation in emerging and developing economies.
  • support the development of culture-resonant models for guidance and counselling in countries where these efforts have been few and far between.
  • discuss labour market dynamics and economic development in reference to the realisation of the individual’s personal potentials.
  • discuss the relevance of traditional activities such as craft and livelihoods to the contemporary context.


The IJCLP Editorial Board comprises the following Indian and internationally acclaimed specialists in career guidance and counselling:

  • Chief Editor: Sonali Nag, Professor of Psychology and Education, University of Oxford, England. 
  • Co-editor: Gideon Arulmani, Professor of Psychology, Martin Luther Christian University, India; Founder, Indian Association of Career and Livelihood Planning.

Associate Editors 

Nirmala Almeida (India), Dr. Renette Du Toit (South Africa), Prof. Malavika Kapur (India), Prof. Glenn C. Kharkongor (India), Mr. Jenn Yeoong Leong (Singapore), Dr. Mary McMahon (Australia), Prof. Girishwar Misra (India), Ms. Anita Ratnam (India), Dr. Hazel Reid (UK), Dr. David M. Reile (USA), Distinguished Prof. Mark Watson (South Africa), Prof. Tony Watts (UK), OBE, Dr. Mantak Yuen (Hong Kong)


The IJCLP welcomes manuscript submissions from practitioners, researchers and all those who for youth welfare. The Journal is also committed to supporting first time authors and our team of editors would be happy to work with a student or young writer who has something say!



Editorial Office:  231. Cozy Home Layout, B Hosahalli Road, Sompur Gate, Sarjapura, Bangalore 562125, India.

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