Small Group Workshop

Jiva counsellors are available to meet students and young people in Small Group Workshops. The details are as follows:

Counselling Centre:

The Promise Foundation,
Site No. 231, Cozy Home Layout,
Sompur Gate, B. Hosahalli Road,
Sarjapura, Anekal Taluk,
Bangalore, 562123.

The process:

The career counsellors meet the clients in a small group comprising of 5 to 6 students. In line with the Jiva approach to career counselling, the workshop is focussed on four career development tasks namely Self Understanding,Understanding the World of Work, Developing Career Alternatives and Career Preparation.

The workshop also includes a one hour group session for the parents to inform the parents about the approach and other details of the programme. Parents will also have an opportunity to add their information to the counselling process, through a simple questionnaire.

Qualitative and quantitative information about the client is collected around the Multiple Potential Framework using standardised aptitude tests, interest inventories and interviews. Information about client's hobbies, accomplishments is also elicited. A potential profile is generated using a system of weightages.

The client is then exposed to the world of work through activities and career dictionaries. Based on these inputs, the client and counsellor together arrive at 3 to 4 Career Alternatives.

Finally, a career path is developed for the Career Alternatives suited to the client.

Career Report:

A detailed Careers Report that provides information about the client's profile, career alternatives and useful addresses for further education is prepared.

After a week from the date of the workshop, a Parent Personal session is held. This is a one hour session with each parent individually. At this time the career report will be explained and handed over to the parent.


Our sessions are usually held once or twice in a month. Please call us at 08027823524 / 9632767657 or Contact Us for further information or appointment.