Jiva: A partnership between the Jacobs Foundation and The Promise Foundation

Representatives of the Jacobs Foundation and The Promise Foundation met each other in 2007 and found a powerful synergy between their mission and their conception of youth development.

The Jacobs Foundation was established by Klaus J. Jacobs in December, 1988, in Zurich, Switzerland. The Foundation cultivates close relationships with institutions and individuals who engage in innovative ways to equip young people to master the challenges of growing up. The Jacobs Foundation is committed to creating a real and sustainable impact, both by financing research in the field of youth development and by supporting the development of professional and social skills of young people around the world.

The Promise Foundation's commitment is to apply the behavioural sciences to support self-mediated potential realisation amongst children and adolescents. One of our key focus areas is the interface between prosperity and employment. To this end we have developed expertise in the development and delivery of culture-relevant services that support the young person's transition into the world of work. Our models have been implemented in India, Africa and other South Asian countries.

Our commitment to developing and executing research driven applications for holistic development found clear resonance with the Jacobs Foundation's commitment to 'productive youth development'.

The Jiva Project is the result of this partnership.