Jiva Kit

The Certificate in Basic Skills for Career Counselling is located around the Jiva Kit. This Kit has been prepared as a comprehensive compendium of career development resources. All trainees receive a complete Jiva Kit.

Counsellor Training Manual:

A comprehensive handbook for all trainees covering theory and skills along with detailed Facilitator's Notes.

Flip Charts:

A set of large sized Flip Charts that the Facilitator uses for each Jiva Workshop. The set is thematically arranged to match the content of each workshop.

Student Worksheets:

A set of photocopiable worksheets for students to use in each workshop.

Career Information Cards:

Careers information on cards covering 164 careers with definitions, career paths, eligibility criteria and specialisations. These cards come in an attractive satchel that is designed for self-access.

Learning Cards:

Stories, questions, case studies on attractive cards for small group discussions.

A set of Careers Dictionaries:

Booklets with career names and brief career definitions for students to use. Each Kit comprises a pack of 20 dictionaries.

Career Resource Handbook:

Vital information about schemes, scholarships, government departments related to career development with specific emphasis on resources for the disadvantaged.

The Jiva Life Lines Board:

A portable bulletin board that provides a space for students to learn more, put up their own career development information and link one workshop to another.

Career Information Data Manager:

A software with comprehensive careers information and addresses of colleges, universities and institutes. This data base includes all institutions recognised by government at the Central level as well as specific information in your area.