Jiva Career Resource Centers

Career Resource Centers (CRC) are another method used to deliver the Jiva programme.


A CRC maybe in a fixed location within an institution, or spread through existing infrastructure (e.g. library, notice board). A resource centre may even have its home in a Jiva Trunk and move from village to village!

A CRC programme is implemented as follows:

  • A total of 8 modules are planned.
  • Each module is for 90 minutes.
  • All modules are planned in advance in keeping with school time table.

Model CRC : Students' activities

Model Career Resources Center

The Model CRC are managed by Jiva counsellors . They are established with a partner institution to deliver career counselling and livelihood planning services and resources. This includes the following:

Workshops and individual counselling for:

  • self-understanding
  • understanding the world of work
  • developing career alternatives
  • career preparation

Model CRC : Parent Interaction, Careers Day, Teachers Traning

Career and occupational information resources such as:

  • Simple, easy to read information about 150 and more careers
  • Educational information including addresses of important Indian colleges and training providers; this information is available through special software as well as through non-technology based media.
  • Posters and maps of career paths.
  • A foldable careers information board

Parent workshops:

  • Group workshops for parents.
  • Individual interactions where necessary.

Training of school personnel on skills to manage the CRC

  • A 10 day Training programme
  • On-the-job training under the supervision of a Jiva counsellor

Model CRC : Teacher Training

Types of CRC's

The Model CRC is offered through different types of institutions to meet differing needs:

  • Government or Private Aided schools: for students from low socio-economic status backgrounds.
  • Private unaided schools: for students from middle and upper socio-economic status backgrounds.
  • Community based organisations: NGOs and Government organisations for youth and student welfare.

Jiva has established 3 Model Career Resource Centres in and around Bangalore and Hosur (South India). Our partners are:

  • Sri Kumaran's Children's Home - CBSE
  • TVS Academy Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  • Government High School - Agara

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibility of establishing a Model CRC in your institution