Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in Career Counselling and Livelihood Planning

This M.Phil has been specifically designed for the developing world context. Successful candidates would be able to establish Career Psychology as a discipline and career counselling as a service in their countries. The details are as follows:

Course Objectives:

Successful candidates would gain knowledge and skills that would enable them to:

  • conduct further research and contribute to building a deeper and wider knowledge base in the area of career development and livelihood planning with specific reference to the Indian / developing world context.
  • deliver career counselling and livelihood planning services to students and young people from varied backgrounds.
  • be effective advocates for the promotion of culturally relevant career counselling and livelihood planning in the Indian / developing world context.


Martin Luther Christian University, Meghalaya. Recognised by the University Grants Commission, Government of India.


18 months, full time.


Admission requirements are as follows:

  • a recognised post graduate degree, preferably in the social sciences.
  • appear for entrance test and interview and satisfy the Board of Studies that the student has the necessary aptitude and academic calibre to pursue the Course.
  • demonstrate a well developed fluency in the English language.
  • demonstrate a clear commitment to the field of Career Psychology.

Course Delivery:

This a multidisciplinary Course delivered by a team of experts from India and the United Kingdom.

The Course blends theory with practice. To be successful, all candidates are required to demonstrate a thorough grasp of theoretical papers.Training includes systematic practise under the supervision of an experienced counsellor to gain skills to deliver career counselling to individuals and groups from differing backgrounds.


The Promise Foundation, Bangalore, India.

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M.Phil in Career Counselling and Livelihood Planning