Certificate in Basic Skills for Career Counselling and Livelihood Planning

The Jiva Certificate is a skills based course designed to train Careers Facilitators. The details are as follows:

Course Objectives:

Successful candidates would acquire skills and be equipped with material to:

  • conduct career development programmes and workshops for students and young people
  • establish and maintain Career Resource Centres.


This Certificate is issued by the Martin Luther Christian University, Meghalaya.


7 days, full time.


Admission requirements are as follows:

  • Qualification: At least Bachelor's degree (any stream).
  • Age: Minimum 20 years.
  • Motivation: Stated willingness to conduct career counselling programmes.
  • Experience: At least 1 year experience of working with students and youth.
  • Communication: Excellent communication skills.
  • Language: English.

Course Delivery:

This is a skills based course and is delivered through a combination of didactic interactions and a wide range of skills training activities. Training is delivered around the Jiva Kit which is a comprehensive compendium of career development teaching-learning material. Methods include:

  • lectures, tutorials, demonstrations.
  • skills practice, role plays, practicals, assignments and tests.
  • The course will orient participants to national and global career development trends.


Successful candidates will be awarded a Certificate in Basic Skills for Career Counselling by the Martin Luther Christian University and recognized as Careers Facilitators by the Indian Association for Career and Livelihood Planning (IACLP).

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Twenty batches have successfully completed the Certificate so far: A Pilot Training Programme, Model Career Resource Centres, High School Teachers, NGO workers, University Lecturers, Government School Teachers, Social Workers and Counsellors, Counsellors in Shillong, Jiva Batch 9, Jiva Batch 10, Jiva Batch 11, Jiva Batch 12, Jiva Batch 13, Jiva Batch 14, Jiva Batch 15, Jiva Batch 16, Jiva Batch 17, Jiva Batch 18, Jiva Batch 19 and Jiva Batch 20.

Basic Skills for Career Counselling