Theme 5 - Green and blue: In tune with the environment

Green and blue are the conference colours! Global warming, biodiversity, conservation of water and energy, waste management, transportation alternatives, affordable housing, environmental health and social justice are examples of issues that impact upon all careers. The survival of our planet is directly linked to the manner in which we practise our careers.

Furthermore, the forces of globalisation and economic development tend to push traditional occupations and livelihoods to the background. Every culture has had its own ways of inducting its young into the work force. The value of this wisdom has been eroded. Age old ways of working in harmony with the environment are placed at a lower level of prestige and status. Crafts which were originally linked to ways of living are neglected and considered irrelevant in an industrialised, market economy that is driven by the forces of globalisation. Crafts represent work-cultures, and there is much to be learned from them.

Migration to the city from the village is the dream of many rural young people. Yet, when they manage to arrive in the city, the pressures of survival often do not allow them to realise their dreams. Associated with this issue is the migration of professionals to other countries. Their career development needs are often left unaddressed.

This theme will discuss links between careers services, tradition and modernity, livelihoods and occupations, environment and sustainability, migration and fulfilment.

Topics for presentations:

  • Career and the environment

  • Careers services: A mechanism to integrate career with environment

  • Traditional occupations in the modern world

  • Livelihood planning
  • Crafts in the context of globalization.
  • Supporting career development in the rural sector
  • Economic growth vs. environmental degradation

  • Migration and fulfillment

  • Rural-urban migration
  • Careers services for foreign students
  • Careers services for immigrant workers.

  • Traditional forms of career guidance and counselling:

  • Traditional constructs and concepts of career guidance and counselling
  • Traditional career counsellors
  • Traditional methods of occupational role allocation
  • The contemporary relevance of traditional methods of career guidance and counselling

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