Theme 4 - Give in order to get: Methods and techniques for relevant careers services

Some forms of career counselling are prescriptive: advising and directing the client, often using the test-and- tell approach. Other forms are non-directive. Some assessment devices take the psychometric approach and rely on quantitative analyses. Others take a qualitative approach. The effectiveness of career counselling can be sharpened when it is tuned to contextual realities and to the client's felt needs.

This theme presents the suggestion that the counselling interaction could be a teaching-learning experience both for the client and for counsellor. In such a situation the counsellor is also a learner and opens himself or herself to the client's background and way of life. Career counselling then becomes a 'give' and 'get' partnership between counsellor and counselee.

Topics for presentations

  • New models for career counselling

  • Culture-sensitive career counselling; redefining career counselling to fit cultural frameworks
  • Career counselling in multicultural contexts
  • Internationalisation of career counselling
  • Models to facilitate career shifts

  • Services related to career counselling

  • Critical assessment of assessments for careers counselling
  • Qualitative and quantitative paradigms: Relative advantages and disadvantages
  • Contextualising assessment: multilingual contexts, clients with special needs and disabilities, web-based assessment tools
  • Norms and standardisation of assessment tools

  • Careers services for special groups

  • Careers services for individuals with special needs
  • Career paths for the psychologically ill
  • Careers work with children
  • Careers work with older adults
  • Careers services for rural youth

  • The impact of career counselling

  • Models for optimising service delivery
  • Are the benefits of careers services worth having?Assessment of outcomes

  • Training careers professionals

  • Models for training careers professionals
  • Standards and competencies
  • Affiliations and licensing

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