Theme 2 - Boom, bust and suitability: Practices for effective career preparation

The nature of economic development today has caused the emergence of new occupational opportunities in some economies. At the same time workers in other economies are haunted by the spectre of job loss and re-trenchment.

Career choice is often influenced strongly by labour market cycles, pushing 'personhood' to the background. Entry into the world of work may in effect be dictated by the short-term interests of employers, where 'growth' becomes a double edged sword - benefiting a few but exploiting many others. The possibility of career development being an instrument for learning, personal growth and potential realisation could diminish. The need of the hour is for career guidance services to offer methods that help a worker approach the world of work with great flexibility and self-mediation.

The 'tick mark' on the Jiva logo symbolises the positive spirit that could surround career development. It also symbolises skills to assess self and opportunities This conference theme invites you to consider career counselling as a service to empower the individual to find a happy blend between personal potentials and the labour market and for representatives of the labour market to move beyond considering the worker merely as a factor of production.

This theme will consider how careers services can help people make and maintain effective career choices over their life times.

Topics for presentations:

  • Realising personal potentials

  • Educational leadership in preparing the young person for the world of work
  • Vocationalisation of education
  • Entrepreneurship and self-mediated career development
  • Industry-education interface for effective career preparation

  • Negotiating the labour market

  • Skills to understand labour market trends
  • Coping with labour market reversals
  • Employee assistance programmes
  • Recruitment and placement
  • The impact of job migration on career development

  • Preventive approaches to careers services

  • guidance to promote skills for flexibility and adaptability
  • enabling human agency to realise personal potentials in a volatile labour market

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