Theme 1 - Career as a Spiral: Career development is a process not an event

Ancient Eastern philosophies present a cyclical approach to life. Jiva uses the image of a spiral to describe development. Nature is full of examples of spirals ranging from the structure of galaxies, to the shell of a snail. Rarely does a career develop in a linear and sequential manner. As one grows older and more mature, one moves from the path that one was a part of, onto a related, but different path. A healthy career develops upon previous development, whereby one constantly learns from the past, accepting all experiences as integral to development and looks to the future, all through one's life.

This theme approaches career guidance and counselling as a process that will help the client develop a life design. You are invited to take a new look at the stages and tasks of career development and consider how one's career could have a life-long and holistic perspective, taking into account, contextual possibilities and multiple cultural perspectives.

Topics for presentations

  • Culture and career development

  • Career development stages and tasks as experienced in different cultures.
  • Varying perspectives in orientations to time, future and 'success' in career development in different cultures

  • Discontinuities in career development

  • Recovering from or utilising career development accidents
  • Barriers to career development
  • Career development in a disturbed culture/environment
  • Career counselling in countries experiencing political, cultural and economic transition

  • Personal well-being and career development

  • Work-life balance
  • Stress, strain and career development

  • Life-long career development

  • Career counselling across the life span
  • Growth vs. development; non linear approaches to career development

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