Option Tariff in Indian Rupees Tariff in Euros Notes
Standard Stall at the Jiva
Exhibition for all 3 days
of the conference
40,000.00 700.00 Additional fittings / furniture are available and will charged for separately on a per unit basis.
Please contact us for details.
Advertising on Jiva Website Home Page 75,000.00 1500.00 Logo and tagline with link to your home page
Advertising on other pages of the Jiva Website 60,000.00 1000.00

Sponsorships will be treated on an individual bases and sponsorship amounts rates would vary as per the type of sponsorship chosen. Benefits to the sponsor would include prominent positioning of the sponsor's brand elements (logo, tag line) on:

  • the Website Home page
  • printed material and handouts
  • stage and podium
  • special mention through announcements to the audience

Please contact us at promise@vsnl.com for our Application for Participation and Exhibitor Information Manual.