Option 1: Jiva Exhibition

The exhibition will host upto 40 stalls in the spacious foyer of the conference venue. The stalls will be constructed by the most well established and experienced exhibition managers in the country.

The details for standard stalls are as follows:

  • Octonorm stalls, 3 sides covered with policam panels
  • Each stall will be a size of 3 x 3 meters
  • Each stall is provided with 1 table, 2 Chairs, 3 spotlights, 1 plug point
  • fascia board carrying the name of the exhibitor in vinyl cut letters

You are welcome to order any other infrastructure including larger stall space, LCD Screens and CD Players. A wide range of additional furniture is available to suit your display requirements. The pictures along side give you an idea of the stalls and exhibition site.

For a PDF file of furniture options click here

Option 2: Advertising

The Jiva Website offers you the opportunity to reach many thousands of potential customers with information about your company, products and services. We offer the following options to carry your company logo and tag line with a link to your website on:

  • the Jiva website Home Page
  • other pages on the Jiva website

Option 3: Sponsorships

We are offering companies the opportunity to become sponsors of the Jiva Conference. These options include:

  • Sponsoring one of the Conference Themes.
  • Sponsoring one of the conference social events.
  • Sponsoring delegates from different parts of India or the developing world who are not able to support their participation at the conference.
  • Sponsoring the printing of the Conference Handbook of Abstracts.

If you would like to support the Jiva Conference as a sponsor you can email us at promise@vsnl.com. For additional Contact Information visit the Contact Us page.