Executive Committee

Dr. Anand Manoraj

Conference Manager

Anand is a medical doctor who has for almost 25 years been involved in the promotion of community based health programmes. Over the years he has moved from the clinical practice of medicine to the implementation of preventive health care systems on a mass scale.

Anand is an experienced conference manager and his expertise ranges from organising small community events to large international conferences. Conferences he has managed have included large scale events for international physicians, medical exhibitions, election campaigns, voter awareness programmes, HIV-AIDS prevention, environmental issues as well as commercial exhibitions and charity bazaars. He has been a part of prep teams for international youth conferences held in different parts of the world ranging from Mongolia and China through South East Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Dr. Sonali Nag

Associate Director, The Promise Foundation

Sonali is a clinical psychologist trained at the National Institute for Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) in India. She is a Research Fellow at the University of York (UK),

She has won grants from the British Academy and is an international consultant to organizations such as the ILO and UNICEF. Her doctoral work at the University of Portsmouth was on reading difficulties in a non-dominant language. Her research has been widely published in international journals and as book chapters.

Sonali is committed to interpreting data and research from the behavioural sciences into applications that have relevance to children and adolescents. As an astute international consultant her recommendations have been translated into policy for Early Childhood Education in sub Saharan Africa. She has wide ranging experience of the educational sector across South East Asia. Among other contributions she is well known in India for her work related to the prevention of child labour through which she has developed handbooks and training material for teachers and community workers.

An experienced researcher, Sonali has supervised large scale surveys and experimental studies ranging from career counselling and literacy acquisition to examining the impact of poverty and disadvantage on psychological development.

She is an experienced trainer and has executed capacity building projects that have reached many thousands of teachers and educators in India and other countries.

Sonali presently teaches the Research Methods and General Psychology courses for The Promise Foundation's M.Phil degree on career and livelihood planning.

Shashi Muddappa

Management Consultant

Shashi has more than two decades of varied experience working with major domestic and international organizations. She worked as the General Manager (Marketing) for the largest Garment Export houses in India. She has also established the India offices of important international firms.

Communication has played a vital role in her career and she had represented her company at domestic and international fairs across Europe and the USA.

Marketing has been one of Shashi's key portfolios and she has immense experience in planning and executing strategies to promote a wide range of products and services.

Shashi's wide ranging experience will support the promotion of the Jiva conference as well as all aspects related to the comfort and well being of delegates.

Sherin Balachandran

Trustee - The Promise Foundation

Sherin Balachandran, an architect is a member of The Promise Foundation's board of trustees. An avid traveller, she is a Jill of all trades! As an architect her main sphere of interest is in functional, economical and eco-friendly construction. While designing buildings is what she specialises in, she has also dabbled in a bit of product designing for items such as bags, soft furnishing, furniture, decorations, jewellery, sign boards etc. She has been involved in the design of the Jiva kit and the Jiva award.

An avid motorbike rider, she has also been a presenter for the two wheeler segment of the automotive show, BBC - Wheels.

Sherin is an experienced organiser of events and programmes. As the Competitor's Relations Officer, she has been involved in organising both national and international rallies held in different parts of India.

Her expertise supports the Jiva Conference for all aspects of design, delegate relations and conference management.

Narendra Desirazu

IT Professional and Management Consultant

Narendra has over 20 years of experience in information technology in the USA and India. He has seen the industry grow from a two-floppy drive system to the current world of laptops and PDAs. He started his career in IT as a programmer and has worked his way up to senior executive levels. Somewhere along the way he was also bitten by the start-up bug and he founded a company in the VoIP domain. .

His last job was with Sun Microsystems. He is currently a management consultant.