Cancellation Policy

We hope you will not have to cancel. But if you do here are the steps:

  • email us at with your Conference Registration Number.
  • Repayments will be to the name of the person from whom the amount was received
  • Repayments will be subject to handling charges as follows:
  • Before January 31st 2010: 20% less the total amount.
  • Before April 30th 2010: 50% less the total amount.
  • From May 1st 2010: 75% less the total amount.
  • After August 1st 2010: No refund will be paid on the registration fees. Other fees will be repaid 85% less the total amount.
  • In cases of no-show we will not be able to make any refund.
  • For cancellation of accommodation please refer to the arrangement between yourself and your accommodation provider.