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Leong, T. Frederick New models for Career Counselling English

Special Sessions

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Pappu, Shanti Hunters to Hotels: An exhibition on the evolution of work around the theme of food and drink through the ages English
Ratnam, Anita Traditional occupations in the modern world: Looking at crafts in the context of globalisation English
Ramachandran, Kamini Telling Tales: Exploring the folk tale as a counselling technique English

Papers, Workshops and Posters

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Agbenyo, Heidi Listening to Learner Voices: A Study of Vocational Aspirations and Educational Choices among Young Learners English
Arthur, Nancy International Students' Career Development: Should I Stay or Should I Go Home? English
Bakshi, A., Chitre, A., & Lakhwara, S. Career Goals of B.Sc. and M.Sc. Human Development Alumnae of the Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science, Mumbai: Importance, Achievement and Satisfaction English
Bassot, Barbara Enabling Culturally Sensitive Career Counselling Through Reflective Practice: A Study of the Use of Reflective Diaries in the Development of Trainee Counsellors English
Bernes, Kerry Training Pre-Service Teachers to Provide Career Interventions to Students English
Bimrose, Jenny., & Brown, Alan Mid-Career Progression and Development: the Role for Careers Guidance and Counselling English
Borgen, William., & Hiebert, Bryan Orientation to Career Guidance and Counselling in Developing Countries English
Col, M., OAM Career Choice-Making Skills in a Modern World: Making Difficult Simple and Making Simple Difficult English
Col, M., OAM Webwise: Career planning via the Internet English
Divecha, R., Bhatt, K., Gala, R., & Vora, U. Perception of Work among Preschoolers English
Divecha, R., Rathod, P., & Shah, H. Perception of Work among School-Age Children English
Divecha, R., Dedhia, R., & Parekh, A. Perception of Work among Adolescents English
Divecha, R., Aggarwal, N., & Nair, S. Perception of Work among Adults English
Du Toit, Renette From Misery to Meaning? The Plight of New entrants / school leavers in the South African Labour Market English
Easton, S., & Van Laar, D. Quality of Working Life - what, how and why English
Gigliotti, B. & Corlett, N. S.W.O.T The CICA Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners in Schools English
Gilbert, K., & Mulvey, R. Resilience Training for Young Unemployed People: A Synthesis of Psychological and Careers Guidance Theory and Practice English
Gonzalez B, Julio Counselors' Training in Latin America: Basic Criteria to Improve their Quality and Relevancy English
Greis, Kimmo Retail Path - Educating Entrepreneurship through BBA Studies English
Hassanvand, N. Z., & Khanzadeh, A. A Comparative study of Personality Factors between Iranian Writers and Non-Writers in Tehran City English
Hiebert, B., & Neault, R. Educational and Vocational Guidance Practitioner: Acknowledging Guidance Competencies English
Hiebert, B., Schober, K., & Oakes, L. Demonstrating the Impact of Careers Guidance English
Hooley, T., Bimrose, J. & Goddard, T. Who gives and who gets online? The role of the professional in supporting career learning on the web English
Hsieh, Hui Chun The Effects of Career Group Counselling on the economically disadvantaged Adolescents' Career Self-concept, Occupational Interest and Occupational Gender-role stereotype English
John, Liptak Spiritual Calls Coaching: A Model for Integrating Spirituality in Career Counseling English
Jun, K. Research on Difficult Situations in Job Placement Service English
Kanattu, V. J., & Arulmani, G. Career Beliefs: The Impact of a career counselling program on reducing the negativity of career beliefs English
Kavale, Jolanta Assessing Vocational Counseling: The Role of Needs Assessment in Vocational Counseling and the Problem of Aims, Results and Definitions English
Kumar, Arti SOARing to Success - a process model for integrated personal, social and career development English
Kumar, Sachin Capacity Building for Career Counselling and Livelihood Planning Services: Development of a degree course for the developing world context English
Kumar, Sachin, & Ramachandrappa, Nagesh Documenting career development resources for disadvantaged youth English
Kurbah, Sairabell Traditional Occupations in the East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya English
Lehman, Yvette Piha A Study on the University Dropout Phenomenon: Education Paradigm Changes and Their Consequences English
Lehman, Yvette Piha Professional Identity in a Society in Crisis - A Study of Two Moments of the Liberal Arts Profession English
Leong, Jenn Yeoong Helping Students Create Dynamic Career Stories Using the Selective Optimization with Compensation (SOC) Model English
Lerkkanen, Jukka The Use of Screening Tools in Finnish High School Education English
Maheshwari, P., & Savla, R. Emotional Intelligence Competencies: Their Importance in Making a Career Choice in The Profession of Medicine and Management English
Makinen, Sanna Educational Guidance or Effective Governance? Deconstructing Finnish guidance policies and practitioner-stated objectives for basic education career counselling. English
Mathur, Kiran Vocational Guidance in Vocational Education Programme: Challenges and Strategies English
McDermott, Debra., & Neault, Roberta Let's CHAT! In-House Career Coaching for New Recruits in a UAE Bank: An International Partnership English
McMahon, Mary., & Watson, Mark Using quantitative assessment in storytelling approaches to career counselling English
McMahon, M., Watson, M., & Bimrose, J. Older Women's Career Stories: Possibilities for Career Guidance and Counselling Support English
Nanta, Sooraksa Construction of Small and Medium Entrepreneurial Characteristic Test English
Neault, Roberta The Immigrant and Repatriate Experience: How Career Professionals Can Smooth the Way English
Neault, Roberta Training Career Management Professionals: International Competencies for a Local Context English
Nordentoft, H. M., & Thomsen, R. Context in place English
Parikh, Radha Paru's Story: Empowerment of Women English
Paszkowska-Rogacz, Anna Validity of Youth Professional Interest Questionnaire (YPIQ) - Diagnostic Test Process Supporting Professional Aptitude and Interests of Pupils English
Paszkowska-Rogacz, Anna Applications of Kelly's Personal Construct Theory to Vocational Guidance English
Paul, Robin., & Connors, Timothy Learning through fun and action English
Pereira, M. When to decide about a career? Conduct and parental guidance as correlates of career-choice: Observations from a case English
Phillips, Nigel Career Growth and Development Across the Life-Span Tools to Assist the Student, Adult and Employee English
Phillips, Nigel Career Counselling Tools to Elicit Change: Developing A Case for Constructivist and Narrative Counseling in Career Education English
Piikkila, Heli A Pilot Project in developing Feedback Mechanisms for Guidance Provision in Basic Education English
Pitikhate, Sooraksa Training the Trainers using Computer-based- Services for SME Development English
Rege, K., & Arulmani, G. When I grow up, I want to be... Childhood Dream Jobs English
Reid, Hazel., & West, Linden 'Telling Tales': Do Narrative Approaches for Career Counseling Count? English
Reynaert, Wouter Career Transformations: Playing with perspectives English
Sangma, Maribon A study on the impact of career counselling to the career preparation status and the academic achievement motivation of High School students in Meghalaya English
Shu-Hsien, Huang The effects of a narrative-oriented growth group on career development of probation volunteers English
Stothard, Sue The Assessment of Reading Comprehension and Decoding Skills in Secondary School Pupils: An introduction for career counsellors English
Taylor, L. IAEVG Members Forum English
Tomas da Silva, J. Incremental Validity of Self-Efficacy over Vocational Interests in Predicting Academic Choices: A Study with 10th and 11th Portuguese Students English
Vanhalakka-Ruoho, M., Koski, L., & Raty, H. Educational Transitions: Social Class And Gender In Family Dialogues And Joint Actions English
Virtanen, R., & Ryhanen, A. Innovative Career Counsellor Training for Adults in Finland English
Vyasarajan, Jayashree, & Arulmani, Gideon Career Maturity of School Going Adolescents: A study on the effects of gender, grade and age English
Westergaard, Jane Guidance in Groups: Using the Experiences of Clients in a Group Setting in Order to Optimise Career Learning Outcomes English
Yamanaka, Chihiro Interlinking the World through Science: An Introduction to the JSPS Science Dialogue Program English