12 degrees North latitude, 77 degrees East longitude, 947 meters above the ocean, the capital of Karnataka, a South Indian state - that's Bangalore - the location of the Jiva conference!

October will see a temperature range of 14 to 25 degrees centigrade in this garden city. This city of 790 square kilometres populated by close to 7 million people (driving close to 4 million vehicles!), can cause some crisis with the traffic - but the people are friendly and the food is to die for!

Bangalore is a city of gardens and palaces. As well as home to some of the most renowned ayruvedic wellness spas.

Wild life resorts, fishing villages, ancient temples, mile long beaches, centuries old architectural masterpieces are all just a few hours away from Bangalore.

Given below are Government of Karnataka websites that take you on a tour of this beautiful South Indian city.

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