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August 31 st 2010

Message from the Conference Chair

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to India, to Bangalore and to the IAEVG-Jiva Conference!

Does anyone know the author of this poem? It arrived one day in my inbox and has since profoundly influenced my view of myself and my world. It begins with:

"So you too were on the journey
To the East
Where mystery
Is the stuff of the feast..."

For some of you that's what the Jiva Conference may be - a journey to the mysterious East. And for all of us career counselling could be a journey that celebrates the mystery and the wonder that is the human being.

The same poet presents us with the intriguing phrase, "infinity in small places." A contradiction in terms? Infinity by definition is limitless. Yet, when I take the interest and trouble to see the world from their point of view, my clients have taught me that infinity does indeed dwell in small places. Partnering someone's self-discovery and empowering the self-mediation of their futures is, for me, discovering infinity in small places.

"Wisdom reigns in hidden symmetry,
And colours are but charmed invisibility.
What lingers in the soul
Often bypasses the eye..."

...says this poem as it draws to a close, bringing to my mind's eye, elemental forces that disperse invisible light into a brilliant spectrum, glorious in a limitless sky. Sensitive career counselling could be the prism that unveils uniqueness against the fabric of the universal. A phrase uttered in passing during a counselling interaction could indeed linger in the soul. Careers work that searches for and recognises patterns and symmetries could evoke insights that bring harmony between the self and the world around.

It is with these sentiments - integral to ways of life in the East, that we welcome you to engage with the IAEVG-Jiva Conference. Jiva means life in most Indian and many Asian languages. This Conference invites you to explore career as a celebration of life and the dynamics of the individual's fruitful engagement with the world.

The Scientific Committee, an international team of scholars, have pondered over the wide range of challenges that face careers professionals today. A set of five themes have been identified for the Jiva Conference. Members of the committee are preparing to receive your proposals and work alongside you to create learning opportunities for all, during the Conference.

Our Special Sessions will explore new forms of presentations including submissions of folk tales or artefacts that characterise work and career in your region. And we have many special experiences lined up for you on the social and cultural side!

The Jiva Conference will celebrate the poet, the romantic, the storyteller, the psychologist, teacher, economist and psychometrician, along with the sociologist and historian, all of whose qualities, make up an effective career counsellor.

Now is the time to make your plans to register as a Jiva Conference member. Contribute to the success of the Conference and give yourself an opportunity to learn in a stimulating environment.

...and, if you do know this poet, I would be very glad to hear from you!

Yours sincerely,
Gideon Arulmani PhD,
Conference Chair.